Rates and Rebates
Effective from 1st July 2024

*Procedure and skin cancer fees:

Current Fee structure for Skin Cancer Check for all patients including pensioner, concession card holders
Medicare rebate and Total rate
Spot check $120
Full skin check $160
Skin lesion Procedures and excisions As per prior discussion with the Doctor plus extra $70 to cover surgical supplies for the procedure
– Procedure gap fees range from $50-$300 depending on your procedures. The payment for the skin check and the procedure is upfront.

*Failing to attend to any consultation:

Booking an appointment and not showing up takes a way appointment times for other people who might really need them. Failure to attend fees are more about keeping appointments for others.

Failing to attend an appointment or cancelling with less than 4 hours notice incurs a $50 fee. Cancellation fees must be paid in full before any future appointments can be booked or attended.